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Númena is a non-profit organisation devoted to research and development in the social and human sciences.  It was founded on 5 January 2001 by a group of young researchers who had already been collaborating with each other on an informal basis.

The name with which the research centre was christened, Númena , is a made-up expression resulting from the convergence of two roots. The Latin root refers to the inspiration necessary approaching the absolute realities – referred to by the Greek root – which underlie the phenomenal world. Given that, by definition, it is impossible to grasp things in themselves through experience or human understanding, to follow such a path is to embark on an endless journey, similar to approaching the limit of an infinitely converging mathematical sequence. Númena, as science, and certainly social science, happens in the dialogue between inspiration and labour; and for this reason it will always remain an unfinished work.

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