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This page includes all of Númena’s associates, as well as those collaborators who have worked on projects hosted by the institution and that wished to be included in this space. The terms set for being an associate are described in the statutes (see chapter II). Once accepted by Númena, each project develops its team autonomously.

By November 2009 Numenas' researchers are:

Bruno Peixe Dias | Edite Rosário | Elisabete Brigadeiro |
Hugo Martinez de Seabra | Isabel Margarida Freitas |
José Maria Pereira Coutinho | Miguel Farias | Mónica Catarino | Nuno Medeiros | Nuno Oliveira | Pedro Soares | Rahul Kumar | Tiago Ralha | Tiago Santos | Tito Damião

You can find a summarized description of each associate’s career and research focus on a drop-down menu on the left.

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