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Númena is a minimalist structure that exists to make the projects that it houses viable and to participate in the networks it is a member of. It achieves this through the institutional base that it provides and by the accumulation of the capital and reputation it builds up which would simply dissipate if the initiatives it undertakes were carried out by scattered researchers who would tend to remain anonymous.

In November 2009, the projects running at Númena are the following:

Ponte Margem - Anti-discrimination Resource Centre | Immigration Observatory Website | RED Portal on Rights Equality and Diversity

The research networks where Númena is involved in are:

Immigration Observatory | RED Network

Since 2000 and until this date, the following projects run at Númena:

Banks and Immigrants | Criminality of Foreigners | Fire and Pasturing: Montalegre | Foreign InmatesForest Fires and Pasturing | Forest Fires: causes and attitudes | Immigrants Integration | Liberalisation of Energy Markets | Migrants' Experiences | Migrants Integration Index | NFP of the Raxen Network | Political Alienation Index | Religious Beliefs | Religious Minorities | Social InclusionTaguspark DescriptionThe Pilgrimage Project |  Ulisse

You can find a detailed description of each project on a drop-down menu on the left.

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