In this area we have placed available to download Númena's publications resulting from projects and networks implemented through the years.

Until the end of 2009 Númena's publications were the following: 

Investing in people: Handbook on Banks and Immigrants (en/pt/it/gr/sp) | Acesso dos Imigrantes aos serviços bancários em Porugal (pt) | Incêndios Florestais: causas e atitudes (pt) | Research Survey on Migrants' Experiences of Racism and Xenophobia in Portugal (en) | Social Inclusion Through Social Services: The Case of Roma and Travellers (en/pt/fr/cz) | Reclusos Estrangeiros em Portugal - Esteios de uma problematização (pt) | A Criminalidade de Estrangeiros em Portugal - Um inquérito científico (pt)

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